Group Training

Aikido is a group based training system whereby everyone is encouraged to train in the spirit of cooperation and learning for mutual benefit; as opposed to engaging in competition. Group instruction is given per scheduled class times from Beginners to Advanced.

Personal Training

Individual private lessons are available in order to help your advancement and to strengthen areas of development. Instruction is given by appointment with school teachers. An additional hourly fee does apply.

Weapons Training

Weapons training is an integral part or your art.  Here at Mushin Ryu Aikido Dojo and you will be taught traditional Aiki weapons, Aiki-Ken and Aiki-Jo as part and parcel of your training ab initio. We teach all levels from beginners to advanced in the way of the sword; Bokken (Wooden Sword), Jo (Wooden Staff), and Tanto (Wooden Knife) taught in the Iwama Ryu Tradition.

If you are looking for a place to practice Aikido in New Jersey, we recommend our friends at The Martial Way. Tell them Sensei Giacomo sent you!