Looking for a Martial Arts dojo near Woodstown, NJ ?

Look no further than Mushin Ryu Aikido Dojo and learn the Way of the Japanese Sword!

Our Schedule


by appointment/scheduled with sensei


Monday – 6AM – 7AM

Tuesday – 6AM – 7AM

Wednesday – 6AM – 7AM

Thursday – 6AM – 7AM

Friday – 6AM – 7AM


Adult / Beginner Classes 

Monday – 7PM – 8PM

Tuesday – 7PM – 8PM

Wednesday – 7PM – 8PM

Thursday – 7PM – 8PM

Children’s Classes

Monday – 6PM – 7PM

Wednesday – 6PM – 7PM

Weapons Class

Tuesday – 6PM to 7PM

Thursday – 6PM to 7PM


Adult / Beginner Classes

Saturday – 9AM – 10AM

Saturday – 10AM – 11AM

Sunday – Closed

Children’s Classes

Saturday – 11AM – 12PM

Sunday – Closed

Weapons Class

Saturday – 9AM to 10AM

Our Monthly Rates

The path of Aikido takes tireless practice. Our monthly program ensures you receive as much teaching as you need. We recommend that you attend at least two classes per week in order to progress in rank. We hope once you are on the Aiki path that you continue your studies over the course of your life.

All monthly memberships include unlimited aikido classes.

Pay monthly, purchase a uniform and training weapons* (Bokken and Jo) and start your training! Anyone training must sign our waiver prior to stepping on the mat.

*Weapons Training Applies to Students 12 and older.

Interested? Stop by during class times to watch or take a class before deciding to join.

Ready? Email sensei.mushinryuaikidodojo@gmail.com or stop by during a scheduled class to get started!

Gear Pricing


*all uniforms include a white belt

Gi (Black) – $45

Kids Gi (Black) – $40


Bokken – $25

Jo – $35

Weapons Carry bag – $20

Learning Materials

Aiki Tools Text Book by Scott Harrington Sensei (autographed) – $20


    No Hidden Fees, No Association fees, No Registration Fees, No Testing Fees, and No long-term Contracts! All we ask is that you train on a consistent monthly basis in order to improve your art and skills. If for any reason you wish to stop training, just give us the courtesy of ample notice.