Aikido is a Self-Defense art for men, women, and children from 9 to 90 and it’s easy to learn. Aikido combines joint locks and throws utilizing blending movements, thus avoiding the need for strength. Mushin Ryu is a safe and pleasant environment to learn new techniques and train. We train in a spirit of cooperation, not competition. Stop in and observe a class to see if the instruction style meets your individual needs. Classes are designed to provide a secure background in the techniques of Aikido, plus safe instruction in the Traditional Way of the Japanese Sword.

Mushin Ryu is founded upon solid, tried and tested Aikido principals and techniques. Our Aikido is infused with various other fighting styles such as; BJJ, Boxing, Chinese Kempo, Karate, Tai Chi, Ju Jutsu, Bagua, and Daito Ryu, among others, forged into our own unique style of Aikido, thereby creating a more effective, efficient, and well-rounded fighting and self-defense martial arts system.

Aikido is also known as the art of peace whereby an attacker is seen as breaking with the harmony and balance of nature. Aikido looks to restore this balance by taking balance, known as Kuzushi. To have any technique be effective one must first capture balance.

“You have nothing until you first capture Kuzushi”, Peter Tamagni Shihan, Rokudan, Vineland Aikikai.

A hostile situation can be controlled without harm to the attacker. Aikido embodies three primary areas of Mind, Body, and Spirit, developing each individual aspect into a holistic martial art system. This self-defense system is ideal for Law Enforcement, Mental Health Professionals, Civil Servants including Fire Fighters, EMT/Paramedics and Educators alike, where command and control of a threat to your life and safety of others can be efficiently and effectively handled. Mushin Ryu is a multi-discipline martial art system.

We are currently offering limited outdoor training only due to COVID19. Please contact us if you are interested.

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